Meet the Trainer

As a kid growing up I dreamed of one day becoming a Firefighter. While pursuing my dream of helping others and saving lives I found my true calling. With an obvious need to be in peak physical condition I began to take a vested interest in strength training. I wanted to know why you should do certain exercises instead of others. How certain foods affect your energy levels. It became a passion. With this became the start of a new journey. 

My first step started with an I.F.A. Personal Trainer Certification in 2010. The following year I received my A.C.E. Personal Trainer Certification. With an endless appetite for knowledge I reached out to my friend and mentor Maria Mountain MSc , C.S.C.S. of Revolution Sport Conditioning in London,Ontario. She was gracious enough to give me the opportunity to intern with her. Her 20 plus years of knowledge in the field were invaluable to me becoming a better trainer and giving me the tools to get to the next level of a fitness professional. 

To be an elite athlete you have to train with a purpose.  Being a competitive athlete to this day. I take the same approach with my own workout programs. To stay strong, mobile and keep me competitive and minimize the risk of injury. With every athlete my goal is to  keep you out on the field, court, ice etc. For many years to come.  I have committed my life to continue learning and improve my skills to best help individuals like this achieve their goals, their dreams. 

                                                                      ” You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” 

                                                                                                                            C.S. Lewis